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For Educators By Educators

MetaClass is like Slack for education!
A platform where educators can connect, build
communities, share resources & collaborate.

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For Educators By Educators platform

Channel-based messaging + a discrete social newsfeed
= secure communication for the education community

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"I have seen so much teacher burnout in the past few years. Having MetaClass as a safe place to connect with other teachers has been a
game changer."

Lindsay Alvarez

17 year Elementary School Teacher / Teacher of the Year

Our Mission

At MetaClass our mission is to cure teacher burnout by providing a safe platform
where educators around the planet can build communities, share resources & collaborate.

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Discover the power of connection and communication to build your personal learning network with MetaClass.
Stephanie Howell
Instructional Technology Coach & Educational Consultant
Having been in education for over 15 years, we need MetaClass now more than ever!
Ashlie Fulmer
Teacher turned Student Success Advocate